Request Service/Sample Submission Instruction

Microbial species identification

$75/DNA sample for 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing
$75/DNA sample for ITS fungal sequencing
$15/clinical sample DNA isolation, for 16S rrNA/ITS/meta-genomic sequencing
$20/clinical sample RNA isolation, for meta-transcriptomic sequencing
Report includes: interactive taxonomy bar charts, alpha and beta diversity, phylogenetic trees, differential abundance analysis. Report will be downloadable online. Raw data also provided for download.
Additional comparisons:
Each sequencing project include 3 comparisons free of charge (included in the $75/sample cost). Additional comparisons for different combinations of experiment groups will be $20 per comparison. If additional comparisons are needed after the first report is generated, there will be an additional $50 setup fee per request. For example, 5 comparisons were requested at first for 10 samples, the cost will be $75 x 10 samples = $750 (including 3 comparisons), plus $20 x 2 comparisons (because only first 3 comparisons are free of charge). So the final cost will be $750 + $40 = $790. If after receiving the first report, additional comparisons are requested, there will be $50 setup fee for each separate request, plus $20 per comparison. For example, if 3 additional comparisons are to be requested after the first report, there will be a charge of $50 + $20 x 3 = $110. This is because each time additional comparisons are requested, new meta information based on the comparison groups, will need to be recompiled for the analysis pipeline. Additional comparisons however, can combine samples from different projects (i.e., different FOMC XXXX IDs).

Transcriptomic analysis and differential gene expression analysis

$100 per pairwise differential expression analysis on pre-existing transcriptomic data
Differential expression analysis result can be viewed in the online JBrowe genome viewer. Click here for a sample result

Meta-genomic/meta-transcriptomic sequencing and analysis

$350 per DNA sample for meta-genomic sequencing and analysis
$450 per DNA sample for meta-transcriptomic sequencing and analysis
$100 per sample for analysis of pre-existing meta-transcriptomic sequences
Analyses options: microbial composition profiles based on marker genes (e.g., 16S rRNA); metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) based analysis; microbial functional and pathway enrichment analysis; and association of metadata with functional features.

Bioinformatics NGS Data Analysis

Previously obtained sequence data can also be analyzed. Project dependent. Call for quote.

Data interpretation, figure generation and write-ups

Project dependent. Call for quote.
Typically an overall report with 3 comparisons will cost $1,500. Additional comparison is $500/comparison.

Biological significance and interpretation for manuscripts, progress reports and grants.

Project dependent. Call for quote.