FOMC Targeted Service

Submission Instructions

STOP! if you have not obtained a 5-digit FOMC quote ID (FOMCXXXXX), please request one in the Request Service.

Samples for sequencing will be sent to Zymo Research Corporation shown in the address label below. Please be advised: Without required documentation and shipment notification, samples will not be received by Zymo Research. Please follow all steps below for project initiation and sample shipment. Failure to complete all required steps will result in project delays.

!!! International customers (outside United States) please pay attention to additional notes here

  1. Download Two Forms
  2. Click these links to download two files:
    1) Service Submission Form
    2) Hazardous Materials Declaration Form.
    The Service Submission Form is an Excel file containing 4 spreadsheets: 1)Instruction, 2) Sample Information, 3) Group Comparisons and 4) Payment Information. In addition to the Instruction provided in the first spreadsheet, please also follow the following guidance:
  3. Sample Information:
  4. ⦿ Label sample tubes with numbers (i.e. 1, 2, 3…) that match the Sample Information File. Do NOT label with unique sample names/IDs. Improperly labeled samples risk delays and handling fees ($5 per sample).
    ⦿ Ship all samples together. Carefully organize samples in appropriate containers for shipment. Batch orders will not be accepted.
    ⦿ Keep an aliquot of each sample at your facility Unused sample will not be returned.
    ⦿ Raw samples (e.g. fecal, soil, swab) without preservative solution must be shipped on dry ice. Raw samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ may be shipped at room temperature. No other preservative solution will be accepted. Please do not put any tape or parafilm around the top of the tubes. Improperly stored raw samples risk delays and handling fees (minimum $5 per sample).
    ⦿ DNA samples must be suspended in ≥ 20 μl of either DNase/RNase-Free Water or TE Buffer (or similar) at a minimum concentration of 0.1 ng/μl (for 16S and ITS) or 5 ng/μl (for meta-genomic/meta transcriptomic sequencing), though higher concentrations would be ideal. For projects with ≤ 20 samples, store in 1.5 mL centrifuge tubes. Please do not put any tape or parafilm around the top of the tubes. For projects with > 20 samples, store in clear PCR plates as indicated in the diagram below:
    Improperly stored DNA risk delays and handling fees ($5 per sample).
    ⦿ Ship DNA samples on dry ice for next day delivery
  5. Group Comparisons:
  6. Follow the "Instruction" worksheet to fill the "Group Comparison" worksheet. Comparative analyses will be performed based on comparison #.
  7. Payment Information:
  8. We accept Purchase Order Numbers and Credit Cards.
  9. Hazardous Materials Declaration:
  10. Download and complete the Hazardous Materials Declaration Form).
  11. Email Completed Forms:
  12. Email the Excel file (Service Submission form) and the Hazardous Materials Declaration forms to: You should receive confirmation within 24 hours. A 4-digit project quote number (in the form of FOMCXXXX) will be emailed to you. This quote number must be included in the sample shipment, see below.
  13. Sample Shipment:
  14. Upon receiving the 4-digit quote number, you can then ship the samples. Carefully organize samples in appropriate containers for shipment. The Sample Information worksheet of the above Sample Information and Group Comparison Form should be printed out on paper and included in the shipping container. Samples should be sent to the address below. The address label should include the 4-digit quote number that has already been provided to you (shown as FOMCXXXX in the address label below). Do not ship samples over the weekend or for weekend or holiday delivery.

    Zymo Research Corp.
     Attn: ZymoBIOMICS Services Group
     Quote ID: FOMCXXXX
    17062 Murphy Ave.
    Irvine, CA 92614
Notes for International Customers (outside United States):
  • Note 1:
  • Without required documentation, US Customs may withhold your samples from being delivered. FOMC is not responsible for samples held by US Customs
  • Note 2:
  • To assist samples through US Customs, FOMC recommends completing the Certificate of Origin Form (download here). Fill in your sample information and include this document with your shipment. In addition, an official declaration such as the ones below can be included to improve chances that the samples pass through US Customs, though this cannot be guaranteed by FOMC. FOMC is not responsible for samples held by US Customs. Consequently, it is highly recommended that aliquots of your samples be kept at your facility.
    • Example 1
    • To whom it may concern,

      The enclosed samples do not contain any contaminants such as pathological bacteria, yeast, viruses, etc. It involves only genomic DNA for molecular sequence analysis at Zymo Research/USA Corp.

      Yours sincerely,

    • Example 2
    • To whom it may concern:

      This communication is a request for you to grant the appropriate facilities to transport X# samples in vials with DNA/RNA Shield, which is a preservative of the genetic integrity of the sample (non-toxic or harmful), for obtaining DNA and molecular sequencing at the company Zymo Research Corp.

      The package contains samples without commercial value, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-dangerous, and health friendly.

      The processing of these samples is for academic and research purposes.