FOMC Targeted Service

Request Service/Price Inquiry

To request an FOMC service and quote ID, please provide the following information and email to

  1. Type of Service:
  2. (Please refer to Services page for detail)
    • NGS Sequencing
      • 16S rRNA V1V3 or V3V4Amplicon Sequencing
      • Fungal ITS Amplicon Sequencing
      • Meta-genomic sequencing
    • Bioinformatics Analysis (for existing data)
      • 16S rRNA reads
      • Meta-genomic/Meta-transcriptomic reads
      • Other bioinformatic data
    • Consultation
      • Experimental design
      • Sample size and power calculation
      • Interpret microbiomic data and analysis
      • Assist with grant or manuscript writing
    • Other
    • We will be glad to assist you with other types of microbiomic projects not listed above. Please tell us your project idea.
  3. Number of Samples
  4. Types of comparison and analysis
  5. Project Description:
  6. Please briefly describe the project background and aims.

Upon receiving the email, we will contact you with a project quote ID, or request additional information.

If we have provided you a quote ID and your project involves NGS sequencing, you can then proceed to Sample Submission Guide